Jens Hillenkotter is a creative producer, lighting designer-director, production manager and creative technologist with more than two decades of international experience in a variety of production environments such as concert, touring, television, architectural, performing arts, multi-media shows and special events. He also holds the current Droneshow Guinness World Record for the most consecutive formations by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (Single group).


He first got involved in the lighting business as a teenager. In 1997, he started his apprenticeship as Event Technology Specialist in Berlin. His professional career kicked off after his graduation as Master of Event Technology in Stage-Lighting in 2006 when he decided to move to London. With the appointment as Technical Engineer and Lighting Designer for the 15th Asian Games in Qatar, he set the first milestone for his international career.


In 2008, Jens was aquired by Austin-based manufacturer High End Systems (HES) to join the support team for the Ceremonies of the XXIX Summer Olympics in Beijing. The record-breaking spectacular used 110 media servers feeding 147 projectors for the world’s largest HD projection with over 2,700 sq ft. The show was seen by more than 800 million people on a worldwide broadcast. After the Beijing Olympics, Jens continued to work for HES and headed the European console and media server support team out of London. During this time, he trained hundreds of people, programmed shows all over the world and supported numerous major productions including the 20th Anniversary of Independence in Kazakhstan, the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival and live acts such as Coldplay, MUSE and Snow Patrol. 


Alongside his engagement with High End Systems, Jens founded the well-established company ROCK SOLID Technologies in 2011, a leading manufacturer today for peripheral devices for use with show-critical equipment. 


In 2013, he decided to leave HES and follow new challenges as a freelancer. His first project thereafter was the 27th Universiade in Kazan (Russia) where he took over the position as Lighting Director and Head Programmer at the Opening & Closing Ceremonies. 


Due to his reputation and experience, both in the field and in product development, Jens also consults major manufacturers and is a beta tester for control software and products. He is also a high sought-after keynote speaker.


Learn the rules

like a pro,

so you can

break them

like an artist. 

- Pablo Picasso